Ilaj Ayur Heritage Hospital

At llaj Ayur Heritage Hospital, we provide comprehensive treatment under the guidance and supervision of well-versed Ayurvedic doctors with excellent track record, assisted by rich experienced Panchakarma experts. To the utmost satisfaction of our patients, guest care is managed by professional hospitality team. We treat our patients based on core Ayurvedic principles deep rooted in tradition, incorporated with modern diagnostic tools and technology. Here, traditional therapy is supported with modern equipments like digital X-ray, ECG, BMD equipment, Clinical lab, full-fledged Physiotherapy unit, Yoga therapy centre, etc., to ensure the comprehensive approach of treatment modality. Powered with the valuable treasure of knowledge depicted in the traditional texts along with the good essence of modern medicine, we have improvised our treatment modality.

Our Vision
We believe that healing the unwell and caring for the needy is one of the noblest of services. We, a team of committed, compassionate, and experienced health care professionals strive to put our faith and dreams into reality by providing individual attention, care, and treatment to ensure physical and mental wellbeing of patients or guests.
Our Mision
We strive to achieve and maintain the highest professional excellence while delivering world class medical care, authentic Ayurveda treatments, hospitality, and utmost safety at reasonable cost in a healthy environment and enhance patient's satisfaction. We are committed to excellence in education, research and health care for the benefit of humanity.
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