Ilaj delivers high quality treatments for specific illness and rejuvenation to sustaining healthy life. Sustainable health demands personal commitment to maintaining and taking responsibility for health through preventative measures. For ensuring this, we are not only having regular exercise, and taking care of what you eat, but we strive to maintaining a healthy and balanced state of mind.
Here you have a number of authentic Ayurveda treatment modalities to ensure healing and lasting cure for any kind of diseases and conditions.
A therapeutic ayurvedic procedure performed as a part of preventive and rejuvenation therapy where medicated oils are massaged on the body and head in a specific pattern.
Benefits for body
Helps maintain the bio equilibrium of the body
Prevents age-related health hazards
Improves peripheral blood circulation
Decreases fatigue
Rejuvenates the nervous and muscular systems
Maintains proper body and muscle toning
Benefits for head
Increase eyesight and concentration
Scalp massage cures scalp dryness, prevent hair loss and premature graying
Increase blood circulation
A sudation therapy by gently applying specially prepared bundle of herbal leaves on body in a specific manner. It also induces profuse sudation which helps in the fomentation process.
Reduce pain and swelling
Improves blood circulation
Improve muscle strength
Beneficial for arthritis, bone degenerative disease, tendinitis, muscle sprain, and orthopedic and rheumatic ailments
Induces perspiration which helps eliminate toxins
A cotton bag containing warm herbal powders is dabbed in areas where massage is being given. This technique helps relieve pain.
Relieves stiffness and spasms of the muscles
Relieves the joint pain and strengthens the spinal muscles
Alleviates arthritis painh
Improves texture of the skin
Strengthens and nourishes the nervous system
A bolus containing pieces of lemon, coconut scrapings, turmeric powder and assorted herbs are applied based on the patient’s condition either on specific parts or to the entire body.
Strengthens the muscles and joints
Improves peripheral circulation
Alleviates arthritis pain
Reduces pain and inflammation
Navar rice cooked in milk and decoction and tied as boluses are applied on the body gently.
Reduces pain and inflammation
Strengthens the muscles and joints
Improves peripheral circulation
Alleviates arthritis pain
Warm medicated oil is poured on the body from a specific height followed by a gentle massage.
Relieves body pain and muscle spasms
Helps to preserve and promote optimum health
Helps in the healing of fractured bone
Increases immunity and prolongs life span
Ensure blood circulation
Alleviates the burning sensation in the body
Promotes vasodilatation and increase peripheral circulation through promoting perspiration
An Ayurvedic deep tissue massage specially designed for weight loss in which herbal powders are massaged in an upward direction on the body from foot to neck or parts of the body.
Reduces excess fat
Cleanses the body and increases brightness
Enhances channel as well as cellular level circulation and transportation of fluids and nutrients
Helps to eliminate waste products and influences general metabolism
As a preventive measure to stop the progression of obesity
Improves complexion and stimulates nervous system
Pouring of warm medicated liquid called dhanyamla all over the body or its parts using special earthen pots for a specific period of time.
Improves blood circulation
Reduces inflammation
Revitalizes the patient’s body
Improves immunity
Improves skin complexion
Effective on swollen joints, neurological disorders, arthritis, and spondylitis
A special procedure where a herbal paste is applied on the head, followed by bandaging it for a specific period.
Therapeutic effect on insomnia & psychological diseases
Effective for hypertension, headaches of various origin, and premature graying of hair
Effective for eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy
Best result in pediatric diseases like ADHD
An Ayurvedic therapy bypouring of herbal liquids on the forehead which induces a relaxed state and provides psychosomatic balance.
Taila dhara: pouring of medicated oil
Takra dhara: pouring of medicated butter milk
Ksheera dhara: pouring of medicated milk
Kashaya dhara: pouring of herbal
Nourishes the brain tissue and helps improve memory
Stimulates brain functions
Effective for skin disorders like psoriasis
Improves the functions of eye and ear
Stabilizes mental function
Stabilizes mental function
Imparts good sleep
A procedure in which the medicated oil is retained over the head inside a leather cap for the prescribed time.
Beneficial for neurological diseases like facial palsy
Helpful for psychological diseases
Helpful for psychological diseases
Relieves anxiety
Helps to bring mental calmness
Nourishes the hair roots and make the hair soft and glossy
An ayurvedic treatment procedure for musculoskeletal problems like lower back pain, sciatica, slipped disc and for disorders that involve muscles, ligaments, bones, vertebrae and nerves. Medicated oil is made to stagnate inside a boundary made of black gram paste over the low back area.
Relieves pain in the low back
Relieves stiffness in the low back and lower limb
Relieves swelling and inflammation
strengthens the lower back and soothes the nerves which supply to the lower back and legs
An Ayurvedic eye therapy where medicated oil is poured on the external area of the eyes for a specific period of time over black gram dough rings.
Improves clarity of vision
Improves tolerance to light
Imparts good sleep
Improves perception of colors
Provides nourishment to the optic nerve
A small amount of medicated is pooled onto a specific point on top of the head.
Gives cooling effect to the head
Treats burning sensation of the scalp
Helps in insomnia
Improves eye sight
Skin disorders
A palliative treatment, Pichu is an effective method where a long thick layer of cotton wool is soaked with warm medicated oil and is applied over the affected area. The oil is replaced periodically to keep it warm and therapeutic. It is used to treat the ailments of head, spine and diseases of cranial nerves.
Reduces burning sensation
Reduce swelling and stiffness
Relives head ache and migraine
Decreases stiffness on neck and eye strain
A Process in which medicated herbal paste is applied on the affected part or organ based on the patient’s condition. It is used to treat pain related and inflammatory skin conditions.
Cures inflammatory condition
Cures inflammatory condition
Removes skin disorders
Relives aches
Rejuvenates blood circulation
This Ayurvedic therapy is used for those who are suffering from conditions like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, inflammation, and bursitis. A warm herbal paste is applied to the affected areas and a cotton bandage is wrapped around the area.
Relieves pain, swelling and nourishes the tissue
Reduces inflammation of joints
Acts as muscle relaxant and relieves joint stiffness
An ayurvedic sudation therapy where a patient is advised to sit or die in a tub containing medicated liquids.
Relieves stiffness of the body and joints
Makes the body feel light
Imparts heat to the body with its thermal action
Induces sweating in order to flush out metabolic waste and toxins, resulting in clear glowing skin
Effective for hemorrhoids, urinary disorders, and low back pain
Internal administration of medicated ghee or oil is given to the patient by increasing doses each day along with strict restrictions on diet and daily activities. This treatment is used as a pre-operation procedure.
Improves digestive power
Cleanses body and digestive system
Builds up physical strength
Builds up physical strength
Prevents aging and improves longevity
A highly modified procedure used to restore eyes in which medicated herbal liquid is kept over the eyes for a specific period of time.
Improves clarity of vision
Improves tolerance of light
Induces good sleep
Improves perception of colours
Increases blood circulation
Provide nourishment to the nerves
An herbal decoction is poured over the closed eyes from a specific height. This treatment is excellent for common eye problems as it cleanses the eyes from impurities.
Relieves the strain due to constant usage of computer and Tv screens
Treats refractive errors of the eyes, chronic conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, etc
Reduces dryness, pain, and burning sensation in the eyes
In this procedure, medicated drops are poured on the open eyes from a specific height. This treatment helps patients with eye diseases.
Beneficial for inflammatory conditions of eyes
Strengthens nerves and muscles of the eyes
Gives freshness to the eyes
Increases the circulation of the facial muscles and facial nerves
A topical skin cleansing treatment where medicinal paste is applied on the face to cure and keep the skin healthy.
Reduces stress and relieves psychological distress
Cleanses the skin
Prevents skin ageing
Promotes blood circulation
Renovates and detoxifies the skin
Treats acne and acne marks
Eliminates white heads and black heads
Exfoliate the skin
A steam treatment where herbal medicine is added to cow’s milk which is heated. The steam is directed through a pipe to the affected locations or is applied to the whole body. This process is used to treat nervous disorders.
Reduces stress and anxiety
Very effective in vata predominant disorders like facial paralysis, speech disorders, etc
An indulgent and luxurious experience where herbs are boiled and the medicated vapours are passed to the steam chamber where the patient sits. This is the perfect deep cleansing treatment for toning the skin. It has also a calming effect.
Increases body metabolism
Deeply cleanses the skin
Helps eliminate toxins
Boosts immune system
Relieves discomfort from arthritis
Relaxes muscles
Relieves coughing, inflammation and congestion of upper respiratory membranes
A rejuvenating and revitalizing therapy where warm herbal oil, herbal decodia, medicated milk or butter milk are poured in a continuous stream all over the body for problems like lack of vitality, memory loss, migraines, aches, and other disorders.
Helps sooth the frayed nerve ends
Promotes circulation
Relieves stress and strain
Relaxes muscles and induces sleep
Reduces stiffness of muscles
Urovasthi helps treat pains affecting the chest area. Medicated oil is poured over the chest in a cabin which is set over the chest by using black gram dough. The herbal oils are placed in the cabin for a fixed amount of time.
Strengthen cardiac muscles
Reduces inflammation of joints and muscles
Reduces chest chondritis
A minimally invasive Ayurvedic Para surgical treatment used to help manage anorectal disorders such as hemorrhoids, fistula-in-ano, anal fissures, and pilonidal sinus.
Simple and safe Para surgical procedure
Minimal recurrence rate
Procedure for systemic diseases
No surgical complications like stenosis and stricture
No damage done to anal sphincter
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